i ran a talent show in a home made circus tent, it was terrible. MAY 17 2020

i was lead through a short hallway to a window, this window looked out to a large stadium but all people were golf carts, a man was showing me around, he was a flinstone vitamin MARCH 16 2020

i was in a store and had a shitty monster energy coffee, thats legit all there is MAY 8 2020

i went to a party of a rich woman, i arrived in a black hearse that flies, things were normal until we moved things to the basement, there was a circle of pipes that people could be attached too they became mad at me. i ran away through a mall, then the ocean to reach a abandon chuck e cheese location on a cliff side by the water, that is all i remember MARCH 6 2020

i was in a black void, there was a large woman playing the bass guitar, what she was playing was beautiful i was up floating near the fret board. everything was pretty. MARCH 5 2020

last night i had a dream where i was in a abandon 1990s buffet, i was sitting in a grimy corner booth with death himself, we both had coffe and i was trying to bargen with him why i should stay alive. though i would struggle to say anything at all or find any reason, i broke down crying since i felt so hopeless. he held my hand and told me that its paradise after life. that its the rest i need, thats all i remember. MARCH 4 2020